10 Ways to Relax Your Mind and Body

July 08, 2020

While every person goes through their own different struggles and daily routines, everybody can relate to the fact that stress can hit anybody. The American Psychological Association has conducted numerous tests over the years to overwhelming numbers. 71 percent of Americans are stressed about their health care, 60 percent about money, and generally three out of four have experienced some type of stress in the last month.

If you want to learn how to calm down, the key is to stand back and take better care of yourself. You’re about to discover 10 incredible ways to relax your body and mind, all of which are easy to implement in your daily life.

Meditation to Relax


Take 5-10 minutes out of your day to meditate to some peaceful music. Focus on your breath. Meditation will teach you how to quiet the noises in your head and learn to calm down. The key is to be consistent and relax your mind. You will reap the benefits of a relaxed state of mind from meditation after several days of consistent practice.

Relaxing bath

Bathtub or Hottub

Relaxing the body happens when you start caring for it properly. Going to the bathtub or the hottub will help relax your body and give you some time to unwind at the end of the day.

Have A Skin Routine And Use Cold Water

Research shows that when you look better, you feel better. Caring for your skin and following a routine will help remind your mind how important you are. Splashing cold water on your face is also a very hydrating effect that can wake you up and sprinkle in some joy in your day.

Reading book

Throw Your Brain Into A Good Book

The best way to relax is to dive your mind right into a good book. Reading can be both therapeutic and exciting. Whether you decide to read a fictional book that brings you into a story or you grab something self-help related, whatever makes you happy is worth reading. The art of reading can help you calm down right before bedtime.

A Walk In The Sun

Ever find yourself down in the dumps? Getting some vitamin D is the best way to wake your body up, feel more refreshed, and at least get the body moving. Taking a walk in the sun can help lift up your mood when you’re not feeling 100 percent, especially when you’re just not feeling it.

Stay Informed But Don’t Get Stuck With The News

The APA conducted a study that said 54 percent of people want to stay updated on the news but hate how much it stresses them out. The truth is that staying up to date with the news is vital in today’s time, but the key to not allowing it to consume you is to take it all with a grain of salt.

It’s okay to understand and read the news, and while you should do what you can to make a difference, allow yourself to step away and distance yourself for the remainder of your day. It’s possible to stay informed without letting it take over your life.


Yoga is the best form of exercise that can teach you how to relax. Yoga can help improve flexibility, stamina, core strength, and mobility. Exercise in general can help release endorphins that can help alleviate your mood, and Yoga is the best way to do that while also helping you to relax your mind.

Yoga requires you to dive into different poses and use proper breath work to achieve the best possible stretch. Practicing Yoga can overall improve your ability to calm down when you need to.

Daily journaling

Daily Journaling

Journaling your daily adventures, whether you just stayed at home or you had a good day at work, is very therapeutic in the sense that it allows you to release all of your energy. You can also use journaling as a way to vent or rant when you’re going through a tough time.

There are a variety of journaling prompts you can follow to get the ball rolling if you have writer’s block. To get the most out of this practice, do it every single day and allow yourself to express how you’re feeling honestly and without judgment.

Crossword Puzzles and Word Searches

If you want to learn to relax, you need to take your mind off of what you’re going through and jump on a crossword puzzle or a word search game. They’re great to do because they exercise your mind and help you stop focusing on what’s wrong in your life.

They’ll help you learn to calm down because your brain is focused on the words and the game you’re playing.

Laughing comedy special


If you want to learn how to calm down, laughing is your ultimate solution. They always say that, “laughter is the best medicine.” When times are tough, this couldn’t be more true. Put on your favorite movie, TV show, or a stand up comedy special, and just let yourself laugh off the stress in your day.

When you have done your best to solve your biggest issues and you’ve done the work, allow yourself to let go of the struggles and laugh through it. You’ll learn to relax when you realize laughing is your gateway to releasing negative emotions and stress in your body.

Winding Down

Now that you know how to relax with these 10 powerful solutions, go and put them to the test. They help release negative emotions, improve your joy, calm the body and mind, and overall let go of the stress that’s navigating through your entire existence.

If you want to relax, all you have to do is make the choice to do things that will enable you to do so. Whether it’s laughing at your favorite movie at the end of the day or going for a walk in the sun, these all will help you achieve that relaxation you’re yearning for.