How to Clean Shoes

June 17, 2020

Shoes can be expensive and unless you have money to burn, you probably want to keep your shoes as serviceable and good-looking as you can.

While appearance is obviously a factor in the viability of footwear, you need to tend to it on a regular basis to get as much use as possible.

The buildup of dirt, marred appearance from scuffing or stray stains and so on can quickly change your top-tier high tops into bottom-tier boots.

Instead of investing in an expensive dedicated cleaning kit for shoes, or enduring the melodious sound of your kicks re-enacting a match of “Street Fighter II” as Chun Li in your washer, you can spare yourself the need for a unitasker or a headache with a dose of Quick Job’s True All Purpose Cleaner.

Our versatile all purpose cleaner is ideal for handling even the grodiest of shoe stains without taking a toll on the material.

Furthermore, Quick Job’s True All Purpose Cleaner serves double duty as a deodorizer, meaning you can use it to clean your shoes while also avoiding any untoward chemical smell that might emerge from using other products.

Steps for Using Quick Job’s True All Purpose Cleaner to Clean Your Shoes

Note: If you doubt how Quick Job’s True All Purpose Cleaner will interact with your shoes, do yourself a favor and do a spot test to see how it reacts.

Cleaning Your Shoes on the Exterior

Prep For Cleaning: If you want to learn how to clean shoes, the very first step is to use a brush to get rid of as much dirt and debris as you can. After you have brushed away as much filth as you can, untie your laces and remove them from the shoes.

Clean the Laces: Toss the laces into a delicate laundry bag and place the bag in your next laundry load. Wash and dry like you normally would.

Wet the Stains: Add some of Quick Job’s True All Purpose Cleaner to a cloth and rub it over the stains, marks and other eyesores of your shoes. This will ensure that the cleaner can better seep into the “pores” of the shoe to get at the root of the unsightly issues.

Spray the Cleaner: over the soiled spots and use a soft cloth, brush or sponge to wipe and scrub away at the soiled areas.

Wet: the areas a second time with a new cloth.

Repeat: the spraying and scrubbing steps as many times as needed.

Air Dry: Give each clean shoe plenty of time to air dry before you think about re-threading the laces, let alone walking around in them.

Cleaning Your Shoes Within the Interior

Purge the Insoles: When you look into how to clean shoes from the inside out, the first step is removing any insoles your shoes may have.

Wipe: Use a clean sponge to wipe the interior of each shoe and the insoles. Make sure to give the sponge a deep rinse after each use.

Use the Cleaner: Use a sponge or cloth saturated with Quick Job’s True All Purpose Cleaner and wipe all interior surface areas.

Wet Again: Use a clean sponge that you’ve saturated with water and wipe down the cleaner applied to every surface one additional time.

Dry Things Out: Let everything air dry, making sure to keep your shoes in a space with plenty of ventilation.

Only bother bringing the insoles back into your shoes once you are absolutely certain that the shoes have reached a bone-dry level of dehydration.

Things are just going to feel off and clammy if you jump the gun and return the insoles too early, potentially even trapping some moisture in the space between the insole and bottom of your shoe.

A bigger risk with this situation is that the combination of darkness and moisture might encourage mold in the long term.

Handy Household Tip: If you want to expedite the process of drying out your shoes, you can either stuff them with clean, absorbent materials like sponges and allow them to dry out.

Alternatively, if you are an impatient person, you can blast them with a hair dryer set on “cool”; you want to use a low level of heat because blasting your shoes with excess heat can potentially shrink them, making them awkward, if not impossible, to walk around in.

So there you have it, a comprehensive guide to properly and thoroughly cleansing your funking footwear in a simple and effective manner.

Follow this shoe cleaning guide and you can rest easy knowing your shoes will last you for quite some time!