[Guide] How to Clean Indoor & Outdoor Rugs

September 25, 2019

Indoor and outdoor rugs are a perfect addition to any household as they may be used to give more personality to an area or room. They are not only easy to maintain, but they are also resistant to fading and drying quickly.

Cleaning them is not that difficult either, depending on the material/fabric they are created from.

Another reason why indoor and outdoor rugs are worth taking a look at, is because they are usually mildew and mold resistant, as well as UV ray resistant.

If properly maintained, your indoor or outdoor rug can last for years, and even long if you take care of them. So that being said, we will dive into our complete guide on how to clean indoor and outdoor rugs!

How to Clean an Indoor Rug

The annual spring cleaning includes vacuuming and brushing your indoor rugs. Whether you have a basic indoor rug or a beautiful oriental rug, taking the right steps and cleaning method can help make your indoor rug last longer.

Step 1: Sweep, Brush or Vacuum

Start by sweeping or brushing the dirt off your rug to get rid of as much debris as possible. Then, you can use a vacuum to clean the whole rug to remove dirt and dust particles.

When it comes to vacuums, they can be very helpful for removing loose dirt from your indoor rug. The great advantage of this cleaning method is that it is unnecessary to move the rug to clean it, and it requires less effort and time.

However, ensure you do not forget that a vacuum machine can destroy your oriental area rug if it’s used too aggressively or with the wrong height set on your vacuum

You must be careful not to put too much pressure on the rug fibers. If you press too hard, the rug fibers can be easily damaged and worn out.

Apply the softest settings to prevent strands from breaking. For example, oriental rugs are manufactured from natural strands that resemble human hair, and therefore can be ripped rather easily by a vacuum. Employ a soft brush or comb to sort your rug fibers for a fuller look.

Step 2: Add Cleaner into a Bucket of Water

Take a bucket and mix one tablespoon of pure dish soap for each gallon of water. Alternatively, you can use Quick Job’s True All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate to dilute in your water bucket at a ratio of 10:1.

Step 3: Spray the Water Thoroughly

Place your indoor rug in a bright outdoor area and spray it generously with water. Immerse a soft brush in the water and soap solution and brush the stains with a soft bristle brush.

Step 4: Rinse Thoroughly

Rinse the carpet well to remove all soap residue and debris.

Step 5: Hang to Dry

Hang your rug in an open place to dry. Additionally, you can wipe excess moisture from the surface with clean turkish toweling.

How to Clean an Outdoor Rug

If you have a super dirty outdoor rug with a nasty spill that needs some TLC, then this is the section for you!

Step 1: Remove Spilled Liquids Immediately

To clean your outdoor rug, take a clean cloth or a white kitchen towel and dab the spilled material from the outside towards the center to prevent the fluid from smearing further.

Continue drying until all the moisture has transferred to the towel or cloth. Do not scrub the spill as it can destroy your rug.

Step 2: Scrape

In case you experience some solid spills, remove them using a nail file or blunt knife.

Step 3: Use Cleaner to Clean Outdoor Rug

If the spilled liquid is tomato sauce or red wine, spray some Quick Job True All Purpose Cleaner diluted at a 10:1 ratio, and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Then with a white cloth or towel dab the area to soak up the stain and cleaner to begin removing the stain.

Step 4: Rinse Your Rug

When you’re done cleaning your outdoor rug, rinse it thoroughly with a hose outside until it’s perfectly clean, and now you can relax.

Step 5: Hang to Dry

Let the carpet dry by lifting it off the floor and hanging it.

Carpet Maintenance Tips for Indoor and Outdoor Use

By decorating your home with an indoor or outdoor rug, you can really make a room or space feel differently. If you’re having people over, who wouldn’t want to make their home more inviting with a beautiful area rug or outdoor rug?

The majority of the homeowners see the value of indoor and outdoor rugs because of their synthetic fabrics, which can withstand various environmental conditions. And if you want to help extend your rug’s life, then this guideline is for you.


In case you want to learn how to clean outdoor carpets or rugs, you need to recognize what fabric it is made from. Some materials they can be made from include acrylic, bamboo, nylon, polyester, sisal, and polypropylene.

Depending on the material, the lifespan of your rug can vary and the cleaning method can vary as well.

Location and Placement

Think about where you want to place your outdoor or indoor rug, as exposure to sunlight, foot traffic, and other ecological factors can affect its durability.

Constant wear of feet when walking or running on the surface can wear your rugs down faster, compared to putting them under furniture for artistic purposes.

Water-Resistant Pad

By adding a waterproof pad, you can extend the outdoor rug’s life while protecting your hardwood floors if placed inside.